Reflections Books had its roots from A Course of Miracles Group that was held at Carole and Geoff Webber’s home for three years in the mid 1980’s. Their home began looking like a healing centre and that’s when Geoff said ‘I think you need a bigger space.

On March 21st, 1988 after an inspiring trip to Sedona the previous year for the Harmonic Conversion, Carole and business partner, Lloyd, opened Reflections Books. The name came from a book, ‘Reflections’ by Brook Tully that had been given to Carole by a friend. From the first day, customers streamed in to buy the many books and gifts on the shelves. One eager customer commented, ‘What took you so long? We’ve been waiting for you.’

 The Oasis Wellness Centre opened upstairs in September 1997 and it was initially called The Oasis Healing Centre. As classes had previously been held in the middle of the store, this was a great opportunity to expand the store and hold classes. The Oasis continues to thrive and expand with new and innovative healing practitioners today!

In 2018, after a successful 30 years, Carole and Geoff decided it was time to retire and let the store go. Their daughter-in-law, Melissa Webber asked if she could take over the store and Carole was thrilled to have Reflections stay in the family!

You may hear a quiet meow or a light rustling in the back of the store from our ghost cat Chip, who passed away in 2013 after spending 16 years living at Reflections!

 Lloyd, Carole and Geoff, 1988