All events are held at the Oasis Wellness Centre upstairs from Reflections (unless otherwise noted)

The Oasis Wellness Centre is two doors to the left of the store, upstairs, and to the left at Suite 2, 1111 Austin Ave., Coquitlam

Intuitive Essential Oils

Next Dates:
Thursday June 24th, 7- 9PM
Tuesday July 6th, 7- 9PM
Thursday July 15th, 7- 9PM

Join Kelly for a healing session. You will receive an intuitive reading and a customized roller ball blend for your current emotional or physical need, along with some chakra balancing. We are all in desperate need for healing and connection, so let Kelly tap into your energy and give you a reset!

We will be limiting the class size to 8 participants. This is expected to sell out, so get your tickets today!

Please do not come if you are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms or if you have travelled through airports in the last 14 days.

Cost: $40
Go to Eventbrite to purchase your ticket!
To learn more about Kelly, visit her website at

Sacred Soul Connexions with Beverleigh

Ready for some safe in-person spiritual connection? Throughout the summer, spiritual teacher, Bev Wickins is offering single session classes at the Oasis. Beverleigh is a third generation Psychic Medium, Usui Reiki Master, & Metaphysical Teacher. Her primary goal is to be of service from a spiritual perspective – meditation, readings, workshops and so much more!

To Register for her classes, contact Bev at 604-362-4447 or
You can also check out her website at

Receive a discount when you sign up for all 3 of her workshops:
-Violet Flame Invocation
-Celebrating the Feminine
-Women’s Healing Circle. 

See class details below ↓


Violet Flame Invocation

Investment: $40
Date: Friday July 9th, 7- 9pm
Materials required: Yoga mat, head pillow, blanket for body.
Limited Participants due to Covid: Up to 9 participants with social distancing, masks, sanitizing
The Violet Flame is invoked when we need to transform and purify. When applied it consumes negative karma including cause, effect and memory of negative karma. Join Beverleigh as she invokes Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Guides, Enlightened Beings and all other Light Workers to assist.

All individuals are encouraged to attend, no previous experience necessary, just a sincere desire to transform. We do ask that participants choose a situation beforehand, with the ability to stay “ open” as the Violet Flame invocation transforms and purifies

“ Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Carl Jung

Celebrating The Feminine

Investment: $40
Date: Friday July 23, 7-9 pm
Materials required: Yoga mat, head pillow, blanket for body.
Limited Participants due to Covid: Up to 9 per class with social distancing, masks, sanitizing

In this workshop Beverleigh will facilitate deep awe inspiring connections into your most powerful feminine form through deep Spirit inspired meditation. If you have been having challenges recognizing, celebrating and releasing your inner female energy this is the place to be.

“It’s the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I am a woman
Maya Angelou, Phenomenal Woman: Four Poems Celebrating Women

Women’s Healing Circle

Investment: $40
Date: Friday July 30, 7-9 pm
Limited Participants due to Covid: Up to 9 per class with social distancing, masks, sanitizing


Join Beverleigh as she welcomes you into her sacred healing circle where you will be expertly led by her as she connects in with Spirit to provide you with inspirational prayer and amazing healing energies for your most transformational experience ever. This sacred space is for those that truly know and believe that in sharing we are able to heal ourselves as well as one another. In this circle you will have nothing but unconditional love, support and respect from each women present. Come join in with an open up heart and mind and allow yourself to be the difference in your own healing journey..the best is yet to come!

Mudras, Mantras, & Meditations
With Bev & Virginia

Friday August 6th, 7- 9PM
Investment: $40
What to do/bring: Notepad, wear comfortable clothes, and water bottle if you like.

In our workshop you will be guided into balancing and creating health and wellness within the 7 main Chakras through mudras, mantras and meditation.

Mudras are various hand positions to stimulate and balance your Chakras. Mantras are sounds, chants or even phrases which create vibrational frequencies increasing focus and raising mood levels. Deep spirit inspired meditations will complement your experiences, securing all the subtle energy work you will be experiencing in this workshop.

Bev and Virginia will be cofacilitating this workshop. Virginia is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher & Yoga Instructor. She is passionate about working with energy, and subtle body energies through Reiki and Yoga. You can visit her website at

To register: Contact Bev at 604-362-4447 or Virginia at 778-839-2798
Payment accepted via e-transfer one week prior, by July 30.


Monthly Metaphysics & Intuition Class
With Paisley Town

Next Date: Saturday July 10th

Join Paisley for her Metaphysics & Intuition class once a month featuring a different topics on divination and a variety of psychic modalities.
For more information and to register, contact Paisley at 604-307-5013

Soul Awareness Course

With Wendy McCartney

4 Classes: August 3, 10, 17, 24
6:30- 8:30 PM

Learn to experience your soul’s magic and how to connect with your unconscious mind.

In this 4 week, 8 hour, course you will learn to access your unconscious mind and what your soul is wanting you to connect with. Your building a relationship with your unconscious mind is key to an ocean of solutions and insights in your soul that will open you up to a whole new access of exciting possibilities!! Learning to build this connection consciously, new perceptions and awareness can take you to a higher level of growth and wisdom! Also, learn the difference between truth and clarity, and applying this very undervalued difference in all areas of work, family, relationships AND yourself!!

Join me in this interactive course. See you soon!!

Cost: $205 (+GST)

$50 non-refundable deposit to reserve spot

etransfer, Visa, or Mastercard accepted

Capacity: Up to 9 participants

Physical Distancing will be honoured, and masks as well please

Registration via Email: or call 604-307-4141

Please call, email, or text for any questions.