Special Events

All events held at The Oasis Wellness Centre upstairs from Reflections (unless otherwise noted)

The Oasis Wellness centre is two doors to the left of the store, upstairs, and to the left at Suite 2, 1111 Austin Ave., Coquitlam

Healing in the Akashic Field
An Evening with Susan Mann

Ever feel like pressing the fast-forward button in life to get you past the things that keep you stuck? We hold old patterns at a very deep level within our bodies and minds. By tapping into the origins of these programs we can release the grip they have on us.


Come out for an evening of discovery, healing and expansion as we explore the Akashic Records and beyond! Join us for powerful energetic growth, activations, channeling and riveting discussion. Get ready to embrace life in a whole new way!
Date: Monday, April 29, 2019
Time: 7:00PM – 9:00PM
Investment: $25
Register: Reserve your spot at susan@headtoheal.ca or 1-888-SUSAN60.
Info about your host: Susan Mann is an Energy Practitioner with access to highly effective and efficient ways of working with individuals to transform their lives. Come join us to see why clients around the globe seek out her services. For more details, visit www.HeadToHeal.ca

Energy Balancing with Susan Mann

Private Appointments:
Energy Balancing within the Akashic Records is a profound healing technique that gets to the heart of the matter of why we attract certain situations (and sometimes repeatedly) in our lives. Essentially our external environment is simply a projection of the energy we are putting out both consciously and subconsciously. In these sessions we gently identify and shift the issues you are dealing with, whether they affect you physically, mentally, emotionally. We go into the point of origin whether it is this lifetime or a past lifetime. Working with Susan Mann has been described as ‘fast-tracking’ your personal development.
Date: Wednesday, May 1st
Book your one-on-one appointment with Susan: susan@headtoheal.ca or 1-888-SUSAN60.

New Moon Rest & Recharge

Friday, May 3 at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Let’s come together under the dark of the new moon to rest, recharge and set our sights on what we’d like to create in our lives.
The new moon is a potent time for rest and new beginnings.  You will be guided to slow down and connect to your intuition and intentions.  Please bring a journal and water bottle.
Tickets $20.00
Register through Eventbrite

Reiki Classes with Grace

Grace Talson, a registered teacher with the Canadian Reiki Assoc., teaches all levels of Holy Fire Reiki and Karuna classes.

Reiki Level 1 –  Sat. June 15th – 9:30am – 5:30pm
You will learn how to perform Reiki on yourself and others, as well as pets, plants and paying clients. Included in the course is a binder of information and lots of practice time with other students. Cost $175

Reiki Level 2 –  Sat. May 4th – 9:30am – 5:30pm
You will learn how to send distant healings, clear your space with Reiki, heal past situations and addictions and more. Cost $225
(If you’ve had another teacher for Level 1, please bring a photocopy of your certificate.)

Evening Reiki classes and daytime Reiki classes (while your children are in school) are available upon request.

To register and prepay, for either class, call Grace at 604-939-0993 or email gmtalson@telus.net
Grace’s website is www.MovingForwardWithGrace.com

Mediumship 101

Thursday evenings | May 9th through May 30th
7:00PM – 9:00PM
This is the class for you if you have always wanted to understand mediumship and your own abilities to connect with spirit safely . Focus will be on establishing our individual mediumship type, spend time understanding the difference between psychic readings and mediumship readings. This is a practical class with lots of opportunity to practice in a safe environment. After 4 weeks, you will have a better understanding of your own abilities, how to connect, how to disconnect and how to give evidence to identify the spirit as well as communicate messages from loved ones.
Contact Joy at 604-729-5862 or email shiningmoonwisdom@outlook.com to book your spot now, only $185 for 4 sessions

2019 Mother’s Day Psychic Fair with Paisley Town

May 11 & 12 | 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Having a Psychic Reading will create memories that last longer than Brunch!
Our TWO day event is open both days from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Easy Instructions:
1) Decide which day you can attend – or attend both days
2) Choose which reader(s) you wish to book with (view our Facebook Event for the details!)
3) Choose how long of a Session you wish to have
4) Text Paisley with your name, number and email address, plus your readers name and time length
5) Get your advanced-booking confirmed and receive a private password for your electronic payment
As Guest Readers are confirmed for our Psychic Fair, you will be able to view their brief biography to see what they offer and you can see which day they are available and you can check out their photo to see if they resonate with you before Advance Booking – all through our Facebook Event.
Benefits to “advance booking” with payment is that you will be ENTERED into our Prize Draw.  We have LOTS of amazing Gift Certificates for you to WIN with your entry.
One hour sessions are promo priced at $90 per person
Half hour sessions are promo priced at $45 per person
Call Paisley Town at 604-307-5013 to Advance Book.
Coffee and Tea by Donation.
Visit the Facebook Event to view the Psychic Team and their brief bio about what they offer; click the “Discussion” tab to view the details.

Bracelet Making Workshop

Make a customized bracelet just for you! It can be a chakra bracelet, an intention bracelet or other styles that will be discussed in the workshop. You will have access to a variety of semi-precious stone beads to create your bracelet. You can also add a lava bead or two to scent with your favourite essential oil. We will also talk about the energy of each of the stones, so that you can choose the perfect ones for you.
Monday, May 13 from 6:30PM to 8:30PM
Cost: $30.00 per bracelet (price includes a choice of semi-precious stone beads on stretchy cord)
Upgrade to beading wire and sterling silver clasp: $5.00
Add a special touch:
Mini tassels: $2.00 (choose from a variety of colours)
Sterling silver charms: $10.00 (choose from OM, lotus, hamsa, heart, feather or tree)
To register, email Laurie, The Travelling Beadist, at thebeadist@telus.net

Full Moon Gathering

Friday, May 17 at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Direct the abundant energy of the full moon towards your dreams, desires and loved ones.  Leave feeling connected & energized.
Please bring a journal & a water bottle
Tickets $20.00
Register on Eventbrite

Joyful Rebellion Workshop
Self-Healing Dalian Method Workshop with Jandy

Date: Sunday May 19, 2019
Time: 10am to 5pm
Cost:  $115 **early price of $90 available until May 5th, 2019** use discount code “earlybird”
Space is limited due to the individualized guidance given to each participant. Early registration is recommended.
In January of this year, I took a leap into the unknown. I took a break from working full time at my job and started Evolutionary Healing.
I did this so that I could share the compelling and transformational power of the self-healing Dalian Method with others. It is hard to describe the immense benefits I’ve received from this method for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The self-healing Dalian Method has helped me heal: my digestion, my self-esteem, my relationships, workplace politics issues, my back, my previous brain injury, my trust in speaking my truth, my ability to claim my power and personal freedom. It has enabled me to settle much more deeply into the stillness of meditation and access the power of my consciousness to choose the life that brings me the most joy. The Dalian Method is a tool that I can use anytime, anywhere to solve any problem I might have.
Although the empowerment and liberation of using the Dalian Method for my own healing has been profound, the joy of being able to share this method with others has been a true honour. I have watched many dear friends, family and clients experience life-changing shifts and deep healing through this work and this just compels me to share Mada Dalian’s brilliant healing method further.
So, I invite you to join me on May 19th! Let’s join forces to awaken our consciousness, claim the joy and freedom that is inherent within each of us and dismantle the shackles of old beliefs that hold that joy back from expressing freely.
What should I expect from this workshop?
In this workshop you will:
– release old limiting beliefs that block your joy
– gain insight into how to bring more joy and love into your life
– awaken your inner power
– learn how to use a revolutionary self-healing system, the Dalian Method
– learn how to decode what your body is telling you through physical symptoms
– deepen your meditation practice and your understanding of presence
– experience new meditation techniques that use movement and expression in order to detoxify the body and mind so that you can rest in a meditative state more easily
A little about the Dalian Method:
The Dalian Method is a revolutionary self-healing system that has been created by a self-realized spiritual teacher, Mada Eliza Dalian. It is a practical, guided, step-by-step method that uses breathing techniques, out loud verbal expression and body movement. It is a transformational process that wakes up your consciousness and gives you a way to solve any problem.
Testimonials from Joyful Rebellion Workshop, Melbourne (Mar 2nd, 2019):
“Jandy is amazing and so WISE!! I was simply blown away by how she understood each participant and helped them see deeper.”
“The Dalian Method session gave me things I was always looking for. I can’t recommend anything for improvement. It was perfect. “
”Regardless of your knowledge in life this can be used by anyone and applied to everything. I wish the workshop was longer. It was so wonderful. When are you coming back?”
“I found the workshop helped me connect to myself. I wish it had been marketed more so that others could enjoy this experience. I loved it.  We need more.”
“Chance to focus on my own issues in a new way. Technique is clearly powerful and transformational.”
For more info: evoheal [@] gmail.com or call 604.349.9336
About Jandy:
Sharing transformational and meditative work with others is a great joy for me. I’ve had a superb privilege in my life to study with the creator of the Dalian Method, Mada Eliza Dalian, since 2001. I am honoured to have been trained by her to facilitate her method and to instruct others in meditation and group workshops. Although I’ve gone to university, gotten a degree and had a successful career in the social service industry working in many roles in the public and non-profit sectors coaching, helping, training and leading others, nothing compares to the deep meaningfulness of the work of looking deeper inside to understand who it is that is here on this journey and why. With the master keys of the Dalian Method and meditation, and with waking up consciousness moment by moment the world opens its heart and each experience becomes a wonder and a delight.
How Mada describes her healing method:
“This unique system by-passes the mind and helps to effortlessly bring to the surface precise thought patterns and emotions imprinted in the body for years and even lifetimes.
Systematically, the Dalian Method works through the entire body to release and dissolve the unconscious thought patterns, emotions, and beliefs that cause energetic blockages, psychological unrest, and disease.
Working with the entire body, including the chakra system, Yin/Yang energy polarities, the breath, and out loud verbal expression. The Dalian Method helps to permanently transform the underlying causes of identification with fear, self-doubt, jealousy, anger, insecurity, chronic pain, and disease.
As the body detoxifies from layers of repressed negative emotions and belief patterns you experience the silent presence of your being and realize that you have the strength and power to live your life as you choose. You forgive yourself and others for all the mistakes and open to new possibilities that life is waiting to offer you.”
For more info check out our website at www.evolutionaryhealing.ca
For more about the creator of the Dalian Method, Mada Eliza Dalian, check out her website: www.madadalian.com

Connect with your Oracle Deck

Sunday, June 2nd | 10:00AM – 1:00PM

When you pull out your decks at home, do you trust that you are getting the full picture or are you reading the booklet every time you lay a spread?

In this class we will learn symbology, dwell on colour work and learn to connect with our guides and higher selves to offer readings for friends and family as well as learning to trust reading for ourselves.
We will discuss the process of connecting, the visual imagery and how to tie it all together for a smooth delivery.

Bring your favorite deck and join the fun.

Investment is only $35
Registration and pre-payment required to secure a spot

Call Joy at 604-729-5862 or email shiningmoonwisdom@outlook.com to book your spot.