All events are held at the Oasis Wellness Centre upstairs from Reflections

The Oasis Wellness Centre is two doors to the left of the store, upstairs, and to the left at Suite 2, 1111 Austin Ave., Coquitlam


December 20th update:
**At this time, Vaccine Cards are required to attend all group events at the Oasis until at least January 31, 2022.
This does not apply to one-to-one Sessions with Practitioners.**

December 22nd update:
**Events at the Oasis will continue to operate at half capacity until at least January 18, 2022. Practitioners will cap registrations once they have reached capacity**

Valentine’s Psychic Fair 2022

With Paisley Town

10AM- 5PM
Saturday February 12th
& Sunday February 13th

Want to get Pampered? You deserve it. Self-care is Important.

Sign up for Paisley’s Annual Valentine’s Day Psychic Fair- Two Full Days of Fun! This year in addition to psychic readings, Healing and Pampering Services are also being offered. Plus win prizes!

Join more than 20 practitioners over two days including Zoom Readers. Some readers are only offering services online. At the fair we have rented more space to ensure clients are socially distant and safe. We have excellent protocols in place to ensure that surfaces are clean and fresh, and have sanitizing stations in place. Some of the types of readings and healing being offered are:

Astrology Readings
Aura Readings
Crystal Healing Sessions
Deeksha Healing Sessions
Eastern Numerology Readings
Indian Head Massage
Lenormand Card Readings
Mediumship Messages from your Spirit Guides
Mediumship Messages from your Loved Ones
Oracle Card Readings
Psychic & Intuitive Readings
Reiki Healing Sessions
Rune Stone Readings
Tarot Card Readings
Tarot Card Readings with a Playing Card Deck

Promo Rates: $90 full hour or $45 for half hour
Call Paisley to book in advance before Feb 9th at 604-307-5013

Goddess Circle

With Hummingly and Swashna

Next Date: February 18th, 7- 9pm

Can you hear Goddess pulsates through your cells and hearts… waiting to be awakened?!

We welcome you to our sacred goddess circle to remember and embody the goddess within. By inviting our inner goddess, you will leave feeling grounded in your feminine energy. If feeling more present, new connections, goddess embodiment, and learning new spiritual tools seems right for you then some join us to receive and explore your unique feminine essence.

This circle is safe place to share, learn, cry, laugh, sing, dance, celebrate,  active & heal. Refreshments & gifts will be provided!

Investment: $55

To register, contact Harmeet (Hummingly) at
For more info on Swashna visit
To follow Harmeet on Instagram: Hummingly

Soul Circles

With Katrice Balmer

Next Date: Saturday February 19th, 1- 3pm

A sacred stage is set upon which we are asked to shine our light and open to the fullness of our Soul. We will focus on the work of bringing our Higher Self Consciousness more fully into our daily lives. The format of our circles includes:

  • Individual mini Intuitive Readings
  • Group discussion
  • Breath work and deep grounding exercises
  • Strengthening the connection to our Higher Self
  • Guided visualizations

Cost:    $20.00

For more info and to register, contact Katrice at 778-227-1369 or

Learning with the Elements

with Fernanda Osorio- Carli

Saturday February 19th, 2022
5- 7pm

Are you feeling tired, without motivation and/or in need of a break lately? Then, this course is perfect for you.

My name is Fernanda, and I am an empath with clairsentience & clairvoyance, and an energy healer for almost 20 years- trained in Trance Elemental Healing and Reiki. I invite you to join me and learn how to use the elements (water, earth, air, fire, and spirit) around us to release any energy holding you back! We will focus on digging deep within ourselves on a journey to find which element best fits your needs. We will also focus on learning and practicing techniques to help you cope with your daily tasks in the best way possible.

Please come in comfortable clothes, ready to learn, practice and connect with like-minded people. This class is suitable for all levels, active participation is required; and bring your journal and water. Due to current Covid regulations, class size will be limited, we must wear masks, and show vaccine cards with our ID. In addition, the room door will be open from time to time during our course to ensure airflow.

Price: $40
Payment: E-transfer or Credit Card (Visa or MC)
For more information and to register, contact Fernanda at

Journaling Past Lives

with Margaret Khoja

Saturday March 19, 2022
1- 4pm

In this workshop we will visit various Past Lives using hypnotherapy. By journaling these visits we can see similar situations and recurring people. After a Past Life Regression the act of journaling will bring more clarity to the information. This will be fun and enlightening.. Bring  a journal and pen.

Cost: $125.00 payable be etransfer payable to

Exploring Hypnosis

with Julia Wilson CHt

Sunday January 30th, 2022 SOLD OUT
10- 11am
Next Date: February 27th, 2022

Whether you have experienced hypnosis before or you always wondered what it would feel like being in trance, this class gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of the many benefits that hypnosis can provide.
Take this time to connect with your body and let go of the fast pace of everyday life. Let me guide you into deep relaxation so you can open up to positive suggestions. Let go of negative emotions and anxiety and instead feel empowered and more centered.

The class will include:
-a brief outline prior to beginning of the session
-deep body relaxation
-guided visualization
-positive suggestions

Please bring your own yoga mat/ blanket/ pillow or meditation cushion if you would like to lie down.

Cost 15$

For more information and to register contact Julia:
For more information about Julia please visit:

Ongoing Services & Classes

Metaphysics & Intuition Class

with Paisley Town

Saturday January 29th, 6:30- 8:30PM
Topic: Vision Boards with a Twist

Join Paisley for her monthly metaphysics & intuition class featuring a different topic each month. Learn new skills, modalities, and discuss metaphysical topics with others! This is a great place to meet other like minded people while we gather in gratitude with other light-workers.

Using magazines, and all your crafty skills, you can put your goals and dreams into action. Vision Boards represent the Results you want, it’s a collaboration of your positive intentions. So bring your own Timmies or Starbucks with you  (or water bottle) and get ready to dust off your motivation so you can take action.  Side effects of this class may include, dreams coming true, healthy lifestyle changes, a positive mental health outcome, and perhaps a vacation or two.  Snap out of it!  Get inspired and motivated in a fun and supportive group setting. What do you want to manifest in 2022 ?  Turn off Netflix and sign up today with Paisley Town.

Adults welcome. Supplies are included:  Poster boards, markers, magazines (bring your own if you wish too), glue sticks, scissors and I have some CD’s to play to get in your groove.

Cost: $45 / person
Advanced Registration Required

For more information and to register (pre-registration required):
Contact Paisley at 604-307-5013

Save the date! Next topic:
February 26th- Psychometry with Jewelry & Photos

Psychic Development 101 Series

with Paisley Town

8 Week Course: Starting February 8th
Tuesdays 6:30- 8:30

Learn tips and techniques for becoming a professional reader. If you want to gain confidence and upgrade your skills to learn about being a reader, then this is for you. Ethics, grounding, protection, card spreads and more. This is an Interactive small class. Beginners are welcome.

This is a prerequisite for 201 and 301 series. Pricing for this class will go up in June 2022 so sign up today!

Cost: $199

Advanced booking is required by Feb 6th- Space is limited so book early!

Call Paisley to register 604-307-5013

Spiritual Development Circle: Level One

with Beverleigh

8 Week Course: Contact to inquire

The Spiritual Development Circle (SDC) consists of levels 1-7, and each consecutive level runs 8 weeks. The purpose is to provide a safe and productive environment where your gifts (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience) are discovered, gently drawn to the surface and developed to the highest level possible.

Each level builds consecutively upon the previous one for your whole spiritual development with a Certificate of Completion available at courses end. Classes are comprised of lessons taught by the Instructor, practical work by students, and of course group work in circle.

Investment: $250 for 8 weeks, payable by etransfer  one week prior to class start date

For additional information and to register, please contact Beverleigh at 604-362-4447 or via her email:

Sound Bath by SoundQuest

With Mike Reed

Next Date: TBD

You’re invited to this unique 90 minute offering to slow down, rest, and receive healing vibrations while immersing into a soundscape of Gongs, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Steel Tongue Drums, and more.

Here are some of the benefits that you can experience during Sound & Vibrational Healing:
– Deep relaxation – not only during, but days afterward you’ll be better able to manage stress and anxiety
– Increase in immune system function
– Nervous system regulation
– Decrease in depressive feelings
– Improvement in emotional regulation
– Reduced blood pressure
– Enhanced sleep and memory
– Tunes you up to positive mood states
– And more

Please note: WE CANNOT LET YOU IN IF YOU ARE LATE. Please arrive 10 – 15 minutes before 7pm to find your spot and get settled.


Go to Eventbrite for more details and to purchase your ticket!

Intuitive Essential Oils

with Kelly Mallinson

Have you explored Essential Oils? Maybe you have all kinds, or none at all! Bring them and Kelly will teach you what to do with them.

Next Date: TBD

Snacks and supplies provided.

Contact Kelly to for more info and to register 604- 626- 3448 and etransfer payment to Pay at the door available as well, just let Kelly know you are coming!