Psychic Readers

Readers Available

Readings are available between 11:30am- 4:30pm, Tuesday to Saturday

Readings will now be held upstairs at the Oasis Wellness Centre in the Green Room. The Oasis is accessed two doors down from Reflections, up the stairs, and to the left. You will need to check in downstairs at Reflections before your reading.

How to book:

1. Call to book your appointment- while walk-in appointments are available, we highly recommend booking ahead of time to secure your spot as we have limited days and hours for readings: 604-939-6000

2. Pre-payment required- We now require pre-payment for readings. This means there is no longer an option to extend your reading, so make sure you book enough time for yourself and your reading. Readings are $90 (+GST) for one hour or $45 (+GST) for half an hour.

3. Liability Waiver- We now require that all clients sign a liability waiver before attending a reading. This will be done downstairs in the store at the time of payment before you head upstairs.

4. Masks- Some readers require clients to wear masks during readings. We recommend that you come prepared with a mask in case the reader does require this.

5. Sanitizing- There will be a sanitizing station available when you walk in to the Oasis, please use this. There will also be sanitizer in the reader room available for use.

Alan Holmes

Alan Holmes is a well-know psychic medium. Alan had mediumistic experiences from birth. Before he was three years of age he awoke in the middle of the night to see a man standing at the foot of his bed, lit up like a christmas tree. Intuitively, Alan knew this man was his spirit guide and would walk with him through life. From that time on, Alan has had detailed premonitions of events that would come true in exact detail: he has heard, felt and seen people he described as being “from the world of spirit”. Alan is a member of the Spirit Lights Healing Centre and Spirit Lights Spiritualist Church.

Upcoming Dates: August 20th, September 17th, October 15th, November 12th

Amanda Rhodes

Amanda is a psychic medium and oracle card reader who provides her clients comfort, closure, clarity and peace through reconnecting them with their loves ones who have crossed over. Visit her Facebook page:

Upcoming Dates: August 15th & 28th, September 25th, October 23rd, November 20th

Chris Russell

Chris offers people compassionate insights into their lives, discovering both inner strengths and weaknesses. Using both his own invention the Kismet Stones, and Tarot cards, Chris can offer you a deeper self awareness, and knowledge about what may be blocking you presently. He can also answer your questions about career, love, family and more by offering powerful divination readings by bringing the timeline in, granting stable, deep images of your future.

Chris had been practicing intuitive reading with his Kismet Stones since 1999, and Tarot cards shortly after that. He has decades of practice helping people and couples with their emotional, mental and spiritual struggles through his private practice. Chris has a BA in psychology from SFU, but continues to educate himself with books, seminars and workshops. He writes books and essays on the psyche, spiritual awareness and community building. Connect with Chris at the Wellness Cafe Facebook page, or his webpage:

Upcoming Dates: August 22nd

Denise Scarff

Denise is a well-known tarot reader and medium. Her website is

Upcoming Dates: August 26th, September 23rd, October 21st, November 18th

Janis Louise

Janis is a well-known Psychic Medium. Her website is

Upcoming Dates: August 5th, 12th & 19th, September 2nd, 9th, 16th & 30th, October 7th, 14th & 28th

Joy Bliss

Joy provides Tarot & Medium readings as well as spiritual coaching and healing. She works with spirit to help you heal yourself and move forward with your life path and purpose. Email her at or visit her website:

Upcoming Dates: August 11th & 25th, September 8th & 22nd, October 6th & 20th

Katrice Balmer

Katrice has offered Intuitive Soul Readings for close to 30 years. In fact, the very first time she ever did a reading was here at Reflections!

During your reading you will be connected on a very deep level to the essence that is you. Working with your Soul energy, and Katrice’s own intuitive insights, you will discover any blockages in your energy flow which will assist you in gaining awareness of any limiting beliefs about you and your place in the world. This could be affecting you on the physical level along with potential mental, emotional and spiritual issues. This initial awareness will lead you to what needs to shift, give you the tools necessary to move forward and clearly show you multiple possible futures just waiting for you…

As an Intuitive Energy Worker and Empath, information comes through in many ways allowing Katrice to feel into your energy and the energies of those closest to you allowing for clear communication between this world and the world of Spirit.

Upcoming Dates: August 29th

Laura Reid

Laura provides deep insightful readings into life by use of palmistry and Hand Reading combined with the use of Tarot cards. Her professional background with people provide exceptional readings whether it be in professional work or personal relationships. Laura also has in-depth knowledge of astrology and brings her combined years of experience to her readings. Laura has also worked in both Wiccan and Shamanic areas which provide a down to earth approach to her readings.

Upcoming Dates: August 4th & 18th, September 1st, 15th & 29th, October 13th & 27th

Paisley Town

Paisley specializes in Numerology & Psychometry (she can read energy from your photo/keys/jewellery). She also offers Card Readings & Crystal Ball Readings upon request. Sign up for Paisley’s monthly Metaphysics & Intuition classes, check our Ongoing Events page for details. Her website is

Upcoming Dates: August 8th, 13th & 27th, September 10th & 24th, October 8th & 22nd

Ross Van Der Hoek

Ross is a gifted medium who has been formally trained for 10 years, studying Psychic Medium Development while living in Glasgow, Scotland for 5 years and then London, England for 8.5 years, returning to Canada in 2015. Ross also offers card readings utilizing various oracle decks.

Upcoming Dates: August 6th, September 3rd, October 1st & 29th, November 26th

Saima Shah

In a profound moment of self-realization, Saima connected to divine presence and knew that her life purpose included helping others and to be of service for our soul’s evolution. At Reflections, Saima offers tarot readings and palm readings along with messages from angels and guides, and energy clearing. At Oasis Wellness, she offers energy healing yoga and meditation classes along with mentoring psychic development circles and workshops. Saima has been reading Tarot since 2010, facilitating meditation classes since 2008, and Hypnotherapy since 2013. Her formal and vocational education includes Clinical Hypnotherapist, Theta Healer Practitioner Advanced, Manifestation, Karuna and Usui Reiki Master, RYT200, MBA, Life Coach, Member Tarot Association.

Upcoming Dates: August 14th, September 11th & 19th, October 9th, November 6th

Sandra Jewell

Sandra is a psychic medium and does The Reconnection Healing. Her website is

Upcoming Dates: August 7th & 21st, September 4th & 18th, October 2nd, 16th & 30th

Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Individuals should always trust their own intuition when making decisions.