Psychic Readers

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Here’s what you need to know:

Readings are available between 11:30am – 4:30pm, Tuesday to Sunday.

You will need to check in before your reading.

1. Call to book your appointment- while walk-in appointments are possible, we highly recommend booking ahead of time to prevent disappointment: 604-939-6000

2. Pre-payment required- Make sure you book enough time for yourself and your reading. Readings are $90 (+GST) for one hour or $45 (+GST) for half an hour.

Give us a call when you’re ready to book!


Denise Scarff

Denise is an Irish spiritual medium and healer. Since she was a child she has been keenly aware of spirit. Born to a family who for many generations have been gifted with ‘second sight’ Denise has had contact with angels, guides and elementals all her life. Studying internationally to further develop her gifts, she has attended the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science in England and Kingswell House in Scotland. Denise has also studied Spiritual and Trance healing, Therapeutic touch and Reiki. She has been fascinated with Astrology since her early teens and has spent years studying this vast subject.

Denise combines her talents in different disciplines with the goal of being of service to spirit, humankind and for the highest good of all. Her website is

Upcoming Dates:  June 6th.

Grace Talson

Grace has been involved in the spiritual community for the past 25 years. Over those years she has studied several different modalities and incorporates these techniques and teachings into her tarot readings. Grace is an intuitve tarot reader and  together with messages from her spirit team she offers gentle loving guidance to empower her clients to move forward on their healing journey. While Grace has an array of different Tarot decks to choose from she resonates most with The Witches Tarot as it provides the most clear concise messages. Grace is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, Theta healer and offers Access Bars healing sessions, you can learn more about her other offerings by visiting her website

Upcoming Dates:   May 28. June 11 & 25.

Jaine Austen

Since 2018, Jaines’ passion for Tarot Reading has continued to expand. When she draws cards for her clients she takes in imagery, words, moods, sounds and meanings. Her go-to deck is The Radiant Wise Spirit because it can tell outrageous stories but also gives the most kind and loving messages. In addition to cards, Jaine offers a collection of tokens, runes, crystals and objects to choose from during the session. Ready for an Intuitive Psychic Tarot Card Reading of interest and intrigue?

Jaine is also available for ladies’ parties or group events. You can read more about Jaine and her discoveries in reading Tarot Cards at: Indigo Tarot-Cards & Coins on Facebook.

Upcoming dates: June 4, 18 & 30.




Janis Louise

Janis is a well-known, compassionate, 4th generation medium dedicated to serving people. She sees, feels and hears Spirit to receive mediumistic and psychic communication. Clients have a positive experience having received a reading which brings them clarity, love and balance, and helpful guidance. With Janis, you can experience health, wellness, and rejuvenation to transform all aspects of your life. Leave your reading with Janis feeling inspired to follow your heart and begin your wellness journey today!

For more information visit Here, you can also view her recently published e-books: A Medium’s Journey and The Journey of Less: A Key to Creativity.

Upcoming Dates: May 22. June 5 & 19. July 3 &10.

Joy Bliss

Joy provides Tarot & Medium readings as well as spiritual coaching and healing. She works with spirit to help you heal yourself and move forward with your life path and purpose. By utilizing her own intuition through tarot cards, evidential mediumship, healing, and other tools, Joy works closely with spirit. The emotional needs of her clients guides what approach Joy takes and who she is as an intuitive. Your self-awareness and critical thinking abilities will be an important part of this journey together. Joy brings a calmness and warmth to guide you in a safe and gentle way. A transformation is possible – your path awaits.

You can contact Joy at or visit her website:

Upcoming Dates: May 31.


Katrice Balmer

For over 30 years Katrice has been offering Soul Readings and Energy Healings. Katrice’s Readings act as a conduit between you, your Soul and any higher vibrational energies who choose to come through. Through the use of her own Intuitive gifts she accesses Spirit energies both here and on the other side via Mediumship, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience.

During your Reading you will be connected on a deep level with your Soul. This connection empowers you to discover blockages in your energy flow.. This initial awareness will lead you to what needs to shift, give you tools to move forward and clearly shine a Light on the Journey ahead.
Katrice is also available for Vibrational Healings, group and individual Spiritual Growth circles and Meditation circles all focused on you being your Higher Self in your everyday life.

Upcoming dates:  May 24 & 29. June 7, 13 & 21.

Laura Reid

Laura provides deep insightful readings into life by use of palmistry and Hand Reading combined with the use of Tarot cards. The accuracy of her palm readings offer exciting insights into the past, present, and possible futures- while acknowledging no future is ever certain and has the potential to change given our life choices and circumstances. Her professional background with people provide exceptional readings whether it be in professional work or personal relationships. Laura also has in-depth knowledge of astrology and brings her combined years of experience to her readings. Laura has also worked in both Wiccan and Shamanic areas which provide a down to earth approach to her readings.

Upcoming Dates:  May 23. June 1, 9, 12 & 26. 


Pauline Leahy

As a Claircognizant and Intuitive Tarot Reader; Pauline focuses on your strengths, challenges, blessings and possible ways to move forward on your journey. The Divine Tarot Reading hones in on who and where you are now, while the Lifetime Theme Reading pinpoints how your soul chooses to express itself in this lifetime( intellectually, emotionally and energetically)

From the Emerald Isle to the Dear Green Place and now Canada, Pauline is the first of her ancestral line to offer the family gifts to the community. Delve into the realms of hidden knowledge with Pauline and empower yourself to step up and claim your divine birthright.


Upcoming Dates:  May 25. June 8 & 20. 

Ross Van Der Hoek

Ross offers his services by providing Psychic Medium readings and also uses oracle cards. He started developing his skills while living in Glasgow, Scotland attending the Charing Cross Spiritual Centre from 1997-2000. His passion for playing rugby led him to France, USA, Germany, then London, England from 2006-2015, where he continued developing his skills in mediumship at East Finchley, Wimbledon & Hackbridge Spiritualist Churches. Additionally, he trained in private development circles conducted by established UK Mediums. Ross returned to Canada in 2015 after nearly 20 years of living and traveling around the world, and currently practices mediumship at Reflections and Psychic Fairs in Greater Vancouver. Ross is also a published Author ” 101 Inspirational Moments”

Upcoming Dates: May 30. June 27. July 13 & 25. 

Saoirse Wang

Saoirse Wang is thrilled to offer transformative services designed to illuminate your spiritual journey. Soul Channeling delves into your inner essence. Through personalized conversations with your soul, Saoirse provides guidance and support to align you with your soul’s purpose and needs. Explore higher frequencies and embrace the divine feminine through Channeling sessions. Experience profound wisdom and spiritual elevation to empower your path. Delve into the profound Akashic Records, archives of your soul’s journey offering invaluable insights, patterns, and wisdom to navigate your present and future.

Join Saoirse for a journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment.

Upcoming Dates: June 15.

Sarah Janzen

Sarah is an Empath coach, spiritual therapist, Reiki Master teacher (including animal Reiki) and Breathwork practitioner. She uses her clairaudience, claircognizance and her favorite oracle deck to connect with your guides to receive messages for your highest and most loving direction. An empath herself, Sarah specializes in working with sensitive people as they find their way through their empathic journey. A reading with Sarah includes tons of support, encouragement to be your best self, education, communication with your guides, higher self and occasionally some tough love all done in a safe space with love and a bit of laughter.

Contact Sarah for more information on all of the healing services she offers at her website

Upcoming reading dates:  May 26. June 2, 16 & 22. 


Vivia De Souza

Vivía is an Intuitive Reader who uses the Animal Medicine cards to access the energy of her clients to bring forth messages and guidance. She has a background in coaching focusing in specialized and potent energy psychology modalities that change beliefs fast and permanently. Vivía is also a Western Astrologer. Partial Astrology readings can be incorporated into your card readings for bookings of 45 mins and above. If you would like Astrology included, please let us know upon booking. Vivia is available to do readings for parties and group events. Learn more about Vivia by visiting her website at You can also view her animal card readings on her Youtube channel.

Upcoming dates:   May 7 & 19


Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Individuals should always trust their own intuition when making decisions.