Psychic Readers

We have an outstanding selection of readers to choose from! View their bios and availability below.

Here’s what you need to know:

Readings are available between 11:30am – 4:30pm, Tuesday to Sunday and are held upstairs at the Oasis Wellness Centre in the Green Room. The Oasis is located two doors down from Reflections and up the stairs. Regrettably, the Oasis is not wheelchair accessible; however, there is a back entrance with fewer stairs, if needed.

You will need to check in at Reflections before your reading.

1. Call to book your appointment- while walk-in appointments are available, we highly recommend booking ahead of time to prevent disappointment: 604-939-6000

2. Pre-payment required- We require pre-payment for readings. This means you will not have an opportunity to extend your reading, so make sure you book enough time for yourself and your reading. Readings are $90 (+GST) for one hour or $45 (+GST) for half an hour.

3. Liability Waiver- We now require that all clients sign a Covid-19 liability waiver before attending a reading. This will be done downstairs in the store at the time of payment before you head upstairs.

4. Masks- To ensure the safety of both our readers and our customers, masks are required to be worn during in-person readings.

5. Sanitizing- There is a sanitizing station available when you walk in to the Oasis, please use this. There will also be sanitizer in the reader room available for use.

Give us a call when you’re ready to book!


Beverleigh Wickins

Beverleigh is a 3rd Generation Psychic Medium, Usui Reiki Master & Metaphysical Teacher. Her primary goal is to be of service from a spiritual perspective. During her reading she will facilitate with spirit real connections to areas of your life that are concerning you the most. Including but not limited to relationships, family. career, finances, health and connections to loved ones in Spirit.

You can find out more information on Beverleigh @

Upcoming Dates: October 21, Nov 18, Dec, 16

Denise Scarff

Denise is a well-known tarot reader and medium. Her website is


Upcoming Dates: Oct 14, Nov 10th & Dec 23

Janis Louise

Janis is a well-known, compassionate, 4th generation medium dedicated to serving people. She sees, feels and hears Spirit to receive mediumistic and psychic communication. Clients have a positive experience having received a reading which brings them clarity, love and balance, and helpful guidance. For more information visit Here, you can also view her recently published e-books: A Medium’s Journey and The Journey of Less: A Key to Creativity.


Upcoming Dates:  September 22, Oct 6 & 20, Nov 3 & 17, Dec 1


Joy Bliss

Joy provides Tarot & Medium readings as well as spiritual coaching and healing. She works with spirit to help you heal yourself and move forward with your life path and purpose. Email her at or visit her website:


Upcoming Date: Check back for dates in November


Katrice Balmer

Katrice has offered Intuitive Soul Readings for close to 30 years. In fact, the very first time she ever did a reading was here at Reflections!

During your reading you will be connected on a very deep level to the essence that is you. Working with your Soul energy, and Katrice’s own intuitive insights, you will discover any blockages in your energy flow which will assist you in gaining awareness of any limiting beliefs about you and your place in the world. This could be affecting you on the physical level along with potential mental, emotional and spiritual issues. This initial awareness will lead you to what needs to shift, give you the tools necessary to move forward and clearly show you multiple possible futures just waiting for you…

As an Intuitive Energy Worker and Empath, information comes through in many ways allowing Katrice to feel into your energy and the energies of those closest to you allowing for clear communication between this world and the world of Spirit.


Upcoming Dates: September 28. Oct 12, 16 & 26


Laura Reid

Laura provides deep insightful readings into life by use of palmistry and Hand Reading combined with the use of Tarot cards. Her professional background with people provide exceptional readings whether it be in professional work or personal relationships. Laura also has in-depth knowledge of astrology and brings her combined years of experience to her readings. Laura has also worked in both Wiccan and Shamanic areas which provide a down to earth approach to her readings.


Upcoming Dates: September 26. Oct 5, 10 &15


Margaret Khoja

Margaret is a compassionate & confidential tarot and oracle card reader. Her honest & focused interpretations help her clients gain clarity & spiritual healing. Originally from Scotland, Margaret has been reading and teaching Tarot for decades, so she finds that when her cards “talk” to each other, they uncover large amounts of information to help you deal with life’s challenges.


Upcoming Dates: Check back for upcoming dates


Paisley Town

Paisley specializes in Numerology & Psychometry (she can read energy from your photo/keys/jewellery). She also offers Card Readings & Crystal Ball Readings upon request. Sign up for Paisley’s monthly Metaphysics & Intuition classes, check our Ongoing Events page for details. Her website is


Upcoming Dates: September 25 and 29. Oct 3, 13, 17, 27 & 31


Ross Van Der Hoek

Ross is a gifted medium who has been formally trained for 10 years, studying Psychic Medium Development while living in Glasgow, Scotland for 5 years and then London, England for 8.5 years, returning to Canada in 2015. Ross also offers card readings utilizing various oracle decks.


Upcoming Dates: Oct 7th


Saima Shah

Known for her accuracy in delivering Tarot readings and messages from Spirit, Saima Shah offers Tarot readings that provide deep perspective and understanding of what is going on beneath the surface of a situation. Her style is soothing and compassionate, which helps people move forward with less stress. Apart from intuitive work, she is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Theta Healer Practitioner Advanced, Manifestation, Karuna and Usui Reiki Master, RYT200, Member Tarot Association, Intern Counsellor and MBA. She offers Mindfulness Meditation, Tarot and Intuition Development workshops at Oasis. Website:

Join her on, or visit Red Tree Tarot on Youtube.


Upcoming Dates: Oct 1, 9 & 29


Sandra Jewell

Sandra is an intuitive reader who uses her psychic ability as well as Tarot and Oracle cards to identify and clarify issues for the client. A former teacher, Sandra is also a spiritual medium who is able to connect with loved ones in spirit and bring evidence of survival. Sandra is also a healer who is certified in Reconnective Healing. Her website is


Upcoming dates: September 24. Oct 8, 22 & 30. Sandra will be taking 4 months off starting in Nov



Shereena is a certified Vericis trained energy reader and healer. She facilitates self healing of one’s spirit through Past Life and Aura Readings. Through this information, Shereena will also assist you with life coaching that will support you after your reading is complete.
In a Past Life Reading, your spirit is represented by a flower with 3 golden rings on the stem that represent the past lives you are working with in the present moment. These readings offer a glimpse into karmic cycles and lessons you may be working through.

In an Aura Reading, Shereena will read the information in your aura pertaining to your chakras. Through this practice, clients get a deeper understanding on the work that is occurring in their energy body and how to help the development of their chakras. Shereena will start at the Root Chakra and work her way up to the Crown Chakra. (60 minute minimum)
Shereena also offers tarot and oracle cards readings.

Upcoming Dates: September 19 & 25. Oct 2, 19 & 28

Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Individuals should always trust their own intuition when making decisions.