Candace Gayle

Candace Gayle

Offering a wide variety of healing Modalities, Coaching, Readings, Classes, and Workshops for all those seeking their own personal road to healing and their spiritual path, no matter where you are on your journey. Candace is a Healer in the Lineage of King Solomon, Psychic, EnSofic Ray Practitioner, Life Activation Practitioner, Aura Healer, Meditation Instructor, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, Crystal healer, Tarot reader & CHAKRADANCE facilitator.

With over a decade of studies in metaphysics, countless mentors and certifications in a variety of modalities, initiation into Modern Mystery School in the Lineage of King Solomon, she has obtained a higher level of consciousness, ascension, joy, and fulfillment.

With a passionate heart for healing, and seeking to bring nourishment to the world, dedicating her time to guiding others through ascension; finally, she has found a comprehensive way to invigorate the soul, assisting the journeying back to your true essence.

Visit for more info and to book an appointment online.

Cary Emley

Cary Emley

Cary is a certified sound healer and intuitive coach who uses her skills to help uncover and get to the root of what’s affecting her clients. She uses sound healing to either release stress and blockages or help set new intentions and manifest desires.

Our body and mind naturally want to be in or moving towards a state of balance. In the busy world we live in, we seldom have enough time to relax and heal the stress and trauma we encounter on a daily basis. When stress levels get too high, they can manifest into anxiety, depression or physical aches and pains.

Cary uses a combination of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums, tuning forks and chimes to relax your body and mind. This shifts your body’s natural frequency, helping to clear energetic blockages and facilitate healing on an emotional and physical level.

If you are stuck in a loop of repeating old patterns or want something that never seems to materialize, book a session with Cary. Together you can discover what energy you are sending out, adjust your vibration frequency and bring you back into balance, reducing stress and trauma, allowing in joy and love.

Email Cary at or visit her website to sign-up for a free 15-minute discovery call to talk and listen to what frequencies resonate with you.

Grace Talson

Grace Talson

Grace Talson has been a healing arts practitioner since 1998, certified as a Reiki Master-Teacher, and teacher of Access Consciousness Bars. She also holds certifications in Integrative Reprogramming Technique, Inner Resonance Technologies, Timeline Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Theta Healing, and Crystal Healing. In addition, Grace has studied and practices Tarot.

The combination of healing modalities she practices is aimed at addressing and realigning core beliefs, genetic programming, and remnants from childhood and adult trauma – to ultimately transform and redirect negative or dysfunctional energy and thoughts into an expansive, vibrant and successful reality. By uncovering spiritual, emotional, mental and physical ruts, her practice helps individuals to reduce and eliminate repetitive stressors, emotional blockages and illnesses of all kinds.

At a core level, her aim is to help to heal the planet by assisting individuals to break cycles of abuse, resentment and powerlessness, whether they are occurring at the conscious or subconscious level – and to assist her clients to recognize and embrace the journey set in place by the decision they made to come into this existence.

To connect with Grace, email or

Jaine Austen

Jaine Austen

Jaine offers compassionate, breath-centered healing, working with a combination of Ohm Tuning Forks sound treatment and Reiki Healing Touch.

Each session features an initial assessment of your day’s issues or concerns, a relaxing, personalized 60-minute treatment, followed by a short, gentle grounding exercise, utilizing crystals, to take you safely on your way.

During your session, you will relax and breathe naturally while Jaine moves gently from head to toe, placing the tuning forks softly at various acupuncture points to release and encourage your own body’s energy flow, or Chi. The energy from the vibrated forks gradually breaks up any blockages or narrowing found in your body’s meridians, to relieve your aches and pains. The session is an oasis of quiet and relaxation. The outside world is put on pause. Inner balance is restored.

Jaine is a BC girl who has traveled throughout Canada and had been searching for that perfect blend of science and art, to find a healing modality that is simple yet so effective, to share with others. Studying music and the science of sound, and its healing and relaxing benefits, had always been a focus for Jaine. One day, while studying at a Reiki class, she felt moved to ask if she could incorporate the Ohm Tuning Forks that she had. The results were amazing!

Book a 60 minute therapy session with initial assessment where you can let me know about your current areas of concern – a sore back, a stiff wrist, or a cranky solar plexus area, for example. Afterwards, there’s a gentle, grounding exercise.
Investment: $120 per session

Read more about Jaine and her journey, along with client testimonials, at her Facebook page: Serenity Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks with Jaine

To book an appointment, call Jaine at 604-510-3439 or email

Priya S Raman

Priya S Raman

Priya S Raman is a Spiritual Coach, Holistic Health & Wellness practitioner, Psychic Reader, Speaker, Healer, Philanthropist, and Social Worker who runs charity organizations that work toward different social causes. Priya has been a vociferous advocate and propagates Dharma, Value education, spiritual lessons from the Hindu scriptures, epics, Bhagavad Gita and has been constantly striving to bring in change in society through her works.

Priya believes in empowerment through holistic development & Spiritual wellness. Her expertise in mental health includes Emotional intelligence, mindfulness and meditation, breath work to heal stress, anxiety and depression management, suicide prevention, emotional and spiritual well-being, aromatherapy, and mandala art therapy. She also is skilled in spiritual modalities such as Akashic Records Reading, Law of Attraction Spell casting, Pendulum dowsing, Mokshapat- Vedic divination modality, Theta Healing, spiritual energy healing, and sound healing.

If you would like to book a healing session with Priya using any of her modalities or a combination of, please contact:

+ 1 236-867-5216
Email –
FB –
Insta @modmysticmonk_priyasraman05
YouTube channel – Inside Your mind

Awards & Recognition:
Global peace awardee, Awarded as unsung heroine by United Kingdom women network (UKWNET), Healing Lights awards from Pune, Maharashtra India, plus featured in a couple of magazines

Rhea Kikkert, MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor

Rhea Kikkert, MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor

Rhea has been counselling in the Tri-cities for over 35 years. Former specialties included: family counselling, play therapy, and adult substance use counselling. Rhea is currently working with individuals who may be struggling with family, substance, mental health, grief, loss of meaning, age related issues or all of the above. In her work, Rhea employs a “whole person” approach. As such, she uses cognitive, dynamic, and body-based techniques such as CBT, EMDR, dreamwork and relational counselling. Her clients range in age from 17 – 97 years of age. She believes it is never too late to bring about change that adds meaning to life.

Telephone, video and in-person sessions are mediums used to deliver counselling services.

Sessions are 50 minutes – 1 hour in length
Cost: $125 plus GST where applicable

To book an appointment, contact Rhea at or at 604-836-1145

Rosita Cruz

Rosita Cruz

Rosita is a dedicated Reiki and Reflexology Practitioner. With a deep understanding of the body’s energy systems, Rosita skillfully combines the ancient art of Reiki with the therapeutic benefits of Reflexology to restore harmony and vitality. Her intuitive touch and nurturing presence create a safe and soothing space for healing on multiple levels.

Through the practice of Reiki, she taps into the universal life force energy to promote deep healing, stress reduction, and emotional well-being. With Reflexology, she works on specific reflex points in the feet, aiming to restore the body’s natural balance and healing.

Rosita’s journey into the healing arts began in Brazil in 2017. She is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher. In addition to Reiki and Reflexology, Rosita combines crystals, and meditation, helping individuals to find balance, harmony, and well-being in their lives.

Rosita understands that each person is unique, and she creates personalized sessions that address your concerns and support your goals for wellness and self-discovery. She warmly invites you to experience the transformative power of Reiki and Reflexology in her nurturing care.

Connect with Rosita for Reiki Sessions, Reflexology sessions, meditation, crystals, individual courses for both Usui Reiki (all 4 levels) and Usui Holy Fire III Reiki (all 3 levels).
Rosita Holistic Healing:

Sarah Janzen

Sarah Janzen

Sarah is a dedicated and compassionate Reiki Master, specializing in providing healing support to women who have experienced trauma and are sensitive empaths.

With her extensive expertise in Reiki, Breathwork, intuitive abilities, and spiritual counseling skills (including a BA in Psychology and an Addiction Counselor Diploma), Sarah assists women in embracing self-love and acceptance on a profound level. Sarah firmly believes that no one is broken or needs fixing; instead, the focus is on learning to love and integrate the fragmented parts that have been protecting our systems. Her approach is characterized by compassion, complete acceptance, humor, and the art of storytelling, creating a warm and inviting space for clients to reconnect with their own hearts.

Sessions with Sarah combine the powerful techniques of Reiki and Breathwork to soothe the nervous system and alleviate the body’s fight or flight response. This process enables the mind, body, and soul to access their innate wisdom and healing abilities. The client and practitioner work together as a team in this transformative journey.

In addition to individual sessions, Sarah facilitates multiple group events and classes: Monthly empath support group, Freeing the Forbidden Emotions, Reiki Level 1, 2, Psychic Reiki, & Pet Reiki- more information on the events page of our website.

Prices for Individual sessions:
Initial session w detailed intake 1.5 hours- $150
Regular session – $125


Contact info:

Victoria Sacred

Victoria Sacred

My name is Victoria Sacred and I am Spiritual advisor, Healer, Reiki master and  Guidance counsellor with over 15 years of experience.

My purpose in life is to serve God and all that is Love & Light as a channel to provide healing, guidance and support to all that are in need. I work with adults, children and animals. 

I have educational background in Reiki therapy, Psychology, Parapsychology, Drug & Alcohol counselling, ECE,  Past life regression therapy, Tarot card reading, Colour therapy, Aromatherapy, Crystal therapy and Behavioural therapy.  

I specialize in Reiki therapy, Emotional/mental release therapy, past life regression therapy, spiritual counselling, spiritual guidance and  advice. I help you to overcome fears, anxiety, stress, depression, old behavioural patterns, release emotions, remove energetic blockages, balance chakras, reprogram the mind, transform, improve physical/mental health, speed up healing, manage pain, give you clarity, and provide guidance & support.

To book a session text/call 778-887-5123 or visit

Vivia De Souza

Vivia De Souza

Vivía de Souza has been studying energy medicine for almost two decades; starting with a simple yet solid course in Human Energy Anatomy to complex topics like Quantum Biofeedback.  She practices various modalities in the Intuitive Arts to assist her clients through transformational healing work.

Her Empowerment Coaching sessions serve as catalysts for growth for her clients and within in them she uses modalities such as Theta Healing, EFT, TFT and Psychology Kinesiology©. All of these modalities re-wire the brain fast to create rapid and lasting change within the individual.

Her Tuning Fork sessions help people alleviate stress and pain by reducing discordant energy in the client’s field thus returning the body to its natural equilibrium.

Vivia is also a trained Western Astrologer and can help people understand their emotional and psychological natures better through a Natal Chart booking. In addition to their Natal Chart reading, clients can also choose to have year ahead forecasts read.

Vivía believes that our most authentic selves are our best selves and all of her work helps people discover and align to this truth within.

Visit Vivía’s website at to read more about her and her work.